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"SWN issued notice of eviction by Geptin of District Grand Council: Shale gas company’s eviction notice follows earlier public notice issuance"[edit]

Noel Augustine, Geptin of the Migmag Grand Council of the Signigtog District, has issued a notice of eviction to SWN Resources Canada. The district of Signigtog comprises much of southern New Brunswick and part of northern Nova Scotia. As Geptin, Augustine represents the traditional form of government for the area.

The notice of eviction, sent by registered mail on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 to Mike Ezell, Moncton’s representative of SWN Resources Canada, is the second letter that Augustine has sent to the gas extraction company. The first letter, sent in early June, was a public notice issuance that no shale gas exploration or drilling is to occur in the Signigtog district. It has clearly been ignored. The notice of eviction reads as follows:

Dear Mike Ezell,
The people of the sovereign Mi’kmaq Nation in the Territory of Signigtog do hereby serve this NOTICE OF EVICTION to Southwestern Energy Company, SWN Resources Canada, and any affiliated subsidiary company or contractor engaged in shale gas exploration or development in the Territory of Signigtog. Any permit, lease, license, agreement or authorization of any kind issued by the Province of New Brunswick or Government of Canada related to shale gas exploration in the Signigtog District is VOID and illegal.
On May 14, 2013 the Band Council of Elsipogtog First Nation passed a resolution opposing shale gs exploration and development within Elsipogtog First Nation and the Province of New Brunswick citing concerns about the environment and the need for direct consultation by the Crown. On May 30, 2013, the Migmag Grand Council of the Signigtog District issued a notice prohibiting all “shale gas exploration and/or development” without the “expressed written consent and full participation of the Migmag Grand Council and the Migmag people of the Signigtog District.”
The Migmag Grand Council are the signators of all the Migmag peace and friendship treaties and holds title to all lands in the Signigtog District. From time immemorial, the people of the Signigtog District governed by the Grand Council, have lived upon our traditional lands, governed by our own political system, language, culture, spiritual and diverse means of livelihood. We have never surrendered our sovereignty or jurisdiction over our lands. Our laws are as valid and binding today as in the time of our ancestors. New Brunswick is unceded land and subject to Migmag jurisdiction.
Geptin Noel J. Augustine
Migmag Grand Council


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Shale gas company’s eviction notice follows earlier public notice issuance by Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop: http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/story/swn-issued-notice-eviction-geptin-district-grand-c/18423]