compare NB provincial party policies on health

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compare NB provincial party policies on health

Readers are encouraged to add suggestions for health policy and to use the talk page for this article to submit comments.

This draws on other NBreferata material and Democratic Revolution. Please cite any sources you use.

New Brunswick health policies - issues to discuss with candidates and parties[edit]

The health debate is not confined to "care" after the fact of health problems but also to preventing them. Please include a broad range of environmental health, mental health, nutritional and other policies and make clear how they affect human health if it's not obvious.

health care industry issues[edit]

    • emergency rooms waiting times
    • lack of available specialists and wait times
    • shortage of family doctors
    • shortage of nurses
    • 24 hour walk-in clinics
    • equitable regional distribution of health care services
    • ambulance fees - services to nursing homes, elderly or infirm patients, “frequent flyers”, efficient and affordable emergency response
    • catastrophic drug plan
    • special needs plan
    • attention to widespread diagnoses of mental health problems i.e. depression throughout the province
    • attention to widespread addiction to alcohol, gambling and prescription and street drugs in the province

primary prevention of illness[edit]

  • the [1] "Precautionary Principle" and links between health and environmental concerns
    • impact on public health related to environmental contamination by industry, business and agribusiness sectors
    • promotion of health and wellness to reduce health care spending instead of emphasis on treatment and prevention of complications or after-effects of existing disease
    • health policy that brings New Brunswick into the health protection realm that emphasizes prevention and preservation of not only individual health, but also collective health
    • poverty issues and relationship to poor health - New Brunswick is home to 6 of the 10 poorest communities in Canada

drinking water protection[edit]

    • groundwater and source water protection
    • chemical water treatment i.e. fluoridation, chlorination vs. non-toxic alternatives
    • impact of business, industry and agribusiness on water supplies

food security and health[edit]

    • sustainable agriculture
    • support for local food production
    • support for family farms
    • food safety and genetically engineered foods
    • aquaculture issues and protection of New Brunswick food fisheries

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