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please feel free to add resources and develop this page, especially to enter references found in other articles that are credible. Specifically New Brunswick resources are boldfaced below.

Current events[edit]

The current protests on hydraulic fracturing in NB are generating too many resources and references to reliably track. Some critical background:

A shale gas moratorium new brunswick has been called for, and a shale gas referendum in NB has also.



  • Democracy for NB Coalition of New Brunswickers
  • Democracy Watch Canada's leading citizen group advocating democratic reform, government accountability and corporate responsibility
  • Save NB Power Democracy New Brunswick has spun from citizen alliances created during a controversial failed deal to negotiate control of NB Power public assets
  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association Provides research, public education and advocacy to defend and ensure the protection and full exercise of human rights and civil liberties.
  • Open Parliament: Keep tabs on Parliament type in your postal code or MP's name to get information on how representatives are voting, what they're saying, what laws they're proposing, quotes in the media, etc. Poke around.
  • Corporate Watch Well established and creditable resource for holding corporations accountable.
  • Democracy 4 Dummies- distributed in Canada by the National Film Board. "demonstrates that not only can anyone be a politician, but anyone can be a filmmaker and contribute to social dialogue, empowering students and giving them skills for the entertainment workforce... Won "Funniest Documentary" at the 2008 5th Annual Montreal "Infringement Festival" celebrating grassroots power."
  • Eggheads unite, or, Democracy for Dummies from the Farm School: Family, books, food, organic farming, classical home education, books, gardening, journeys, music, books, thoughts, movies, and books.
  • Tobique Last Nation - opposes AFN and its collusion at the local reserve community level to implement the policies of the federal government

Protest methods (nonviolent tactics)[edit]

At least 200 separately documented methods of nonviolent protest are well known.

Methods of psychological, physical, social, economic and political intervention are also listed. For instance, establishing new social patterns, guerilla theatre, alternative markets , alternative transportation systems, alternative economic institutions, outing secret agents, and so on, have been documented for decades. [3]

Internet intervention[edit]

The most common net intervention is trolling, a form of psychological warfare from which the opponent can withdraw without losing access to any physical asset whatsoever - making it relatively easy to win conflicts by default. But given the nature of the Internet there are usually too many to answer, making it an attrition and resource war, which powerful forces will very often win with paid trolls, e.g. Wikipedia paid editors.

Another common intervention, hacktivism is information warfare using such methods as malware and DDoS, can be employed by increasing numbers of people but only those with a basic level of technological skill. This means it is by definition a technocratic move and one that cannot attract mass public support over time.

As social media mature other methods are evolving such as strict enforcement of end user license agreements and social media service agreements which usually forbid racist or cultural attacks, repeating false statements already proven false, and dogging specific users to comment on everything they say. These methods are available to the general public.

For instance, one form of protest is flagging every abusive comment that appears on for instance Sun News Network or other enemy media.




Social networks[edit]

Local businesses and co-ops[edit]

New Brunswick history, reference, social services[edit]



NB Power research - commentaries - blogs from outside NB[edit]


Environmental Health[edit]

Energy generation and transmission[edit]

  • [8] [The New Brunswick System Operator (NBSO)] "came into existence on October 1, 2004 with the proclamation of the [9]

[Electricity Act (NB)]. NBSO is a not-for-profit independent corporation whose primary responsibilities are to ensure the reliability of the electrical system and to facilitate the development and operation of a competitive electricity market in New Brunswick. The NBSO oversees transmission system reliability, access to and use of the transmission grid (the high voltage wires); administers the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) and the Market Rules.

Energy conservation and distribution[edit] related to broadband communications (green broadband, smart grid, HAN)[edit]

  • St. Arnaud 'green broadband'
  • Apple smart outlets
  • Intel home control
  • (Washington Island, WI, YouTube video explaining why 900MHz Motorola Canopy didn't work there)
  • ( BPL proposal for Canadian federal budget, 2009)
  • (analysis of deployment and maintenance costs and risks for wireless versus wired technologies)
  • Cullman CEO Grady Smith explaining why BPL is the only long term hope for this market
  • IBM+IBEC offer BPL to 200,000 Americans
  • Cullman Electric Co-Operative, Alabama, BPL signup
  • IBEC services, used by Cullman, emphasizing voice over IP (VoIP), video surveillance, security and privacy intensive services
  • FCC approval press release describing the regulatory view of the technology

Political parties & independent politicians[edit]

Universities and Colleges[edit]

  • University of New Brunswick UNB
  • St. Thomas University STU
  • University of Moncton UdeM
  • Mount Allison University MtA
  • New Brunswick Community College NBCC

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