RCMP attack on fracking protest, 17 Oct 2013

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On October 17, 2013, one day before the first hearing on the merits of an injunction gained by SWN Resources Inc., the RCMP attacked a longstanding anti-hydraulic-fracturing protest against its own undertaking not to - until the hearing. Firsthand accounts [1] clarify that the RCMP initiated the violence and provoked further violence. In particular, by armed officers shouting genocidally racist legal positions at the crowd that are quite contrary to all Canadian jurisprudence:

  • “Crown land belongs to the government, not to fucking natives,” - APTN’s Ossie Michelin heard one of the camouflaged officers involved in the raid shout to protestors." [2]

Also, firsthand reports establish that no police cars were set on fire by the time all of the protesters had been cleared to the RCMP satisfaction. This occurred afterward.

Neutral observers have agreed that the attack was unjustified and unconstitutional and in defiance of standing practice of dealing with First Peoples disputes [3]. Grand Council had already evicted SWN and declared its actions illegal under Canadian and Mi'mkaq law. [4]

Prisoners and criminal charges[edit]

Some criminal charges were immediately dismissed, suggesting they were false arrest for political or corrupt purposes.

Status as of October 31, 2013 of prisoners taken in the raid/attack:

Civil suits[edit]

A civil SLAPP_against_anti-fracking_protest,_2013 was proceeding as of October 31.


More news articles on the RCMP attack on fracking protest, 17 Oct 2013 [5] and a rabble.ca backgrounder [6] with more links especially to APTN news stories.

Critical background / original documents:

A shale gas moratorium new brunswick has been called for, and a shale gas referendum in NB has also.