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The second deal: Dams and nukes, generating assets only[edit]

Under extreme public pressure, and pressure from other provinces notably NL which feared HQ would block their own hydro exports to the US by "interpreting" the OATT tariff or sabotaging the actual transmissions, Graham's government backed down from the offer to sell the extremely valuable and strategic transmission corridors and the public distribution network.

A second deal was framed in which only the hydroelectric dams, Point Lepreau and other generating assets would be sold. NB Power would retain control of legacy assets of little value including fossil generating plants, but would generally get out of the generating business.

The [1] elite New Brunswick Business Council, comprised of presidents, CEOs and chairs of some of the leading New Brunswick corporations, publicized a commentary on the merits of the deal, stating their "deep, personal interest in our province and its future" and opinion that "the proposed agreement is in the best interests of New Brunswick." Possibly because of suspicion and taint of the original proposal, there was little change in the public's mood and no support for this new deal. Instead, the public, aware that a provincial election would place in September 2010 began to [2] yearn for a [participatory democracy].

Practical problems with the new deal were significant including a [3] the premier threatening to sue AECL because of continuing refurbishment delays and with the [4] First Nations hosting the dams and transmission corridors, and no strategy for demand-side management to reduce dependencies on what would now be wholesale-purchased power, nor for NB renewable power to replace what was still required after conservation and demand-side measures, nor for any right of access to power use data for NB residents.

While a comparable strategy of separating generating from the transmission and generating assets had been followed with some success in Ontario, that was with a parallel strategy of time-of-use pricing, demand-side management and extreme conservation incentives that NB simply didn't have.

Social networking[edit]

Questions began arising from community based social networking groups

[5] [Why haven't we heard from NB Power execs?] Are they being replaced? Is Graham?]

A very large number of people (over 30,000) participated in such groups, which were generally demanding that competent people who have the understanding and know-how to make their investments work for them and that the infrastructure and rights of way remain in the public's hands.

Costs of the failed deal[edit]

The New Brunswick's Liberal government released invoices for the cost of the failed talks to sell NB Power to Hydro-Quebec in June 2010. Conservative opposition members complained that the 270 pages of documents did not show the true costs of the negotiations, which were estimated at close to $30 million and should have included expenses for trips to Quebec and Washington by premier, minister of energy and staff of NB Power as well as costs incurred by government lawyers and civil servants.

Journalists obtained the itemized details under the Right to Information Act which listed $8 million in costs for legal, technical and communications services dating back to April 2009. The detailed package included expense details from professional fees and advertising to airfare and meals. Local media reported costs of $4.82 million for legal and technical services, $2.33 million for communications services and $911,500 for financial services.

According to the documents received by the Canadian Press, the negotiations were code-named "Project Penelope," apparently an arbitrary label given by a Montreal law firm to maintain confidentiality. Efforts to sell the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant and the Coleson Cove power plant by the previous Conservative government were reportedly known as "Project Lighthouse" and "Project Cartwheel."

Broken promises: The broadband precedent[edit]

Via those groups, New Brunswickers generally stated that they wanted to maintain public control of their utilities. The broadband issue was often cited as a precedent for not believing in provincial government guarantees: Following the "NB province-wide broadband rollout", 10% of New Brunswickers still don't have the same level of affordable, wired, secure, reliable broadband services that were promised to all of them.

Nor is there any mechanism by which community or First Nations groups, or even private entrepreneurs, can secure access to the rights of way on the public power poles (and also the wires, in the case of powerline networking) to provide data services, let alone combined power and data.

Jurisdiction question: Is this a federal decision?[edit]

A jurisdictional question was raised by [6] [Senator Lowell Murray] and the [[[7]]] [Wulustukyieg Traditional Council of Tobic], among others.

Perhaps coincidentally, [8] [(Hydro) Québec was already in trouble over failing to meet their agreements with Northern Cree] .

Hill & Knowlton[edit]

The Graham's government has hired [9] [PR firm Hill & Knowlton] to help to present the deal to the public. These strategies totally failed, with dissent from over 60% of New Brunswickers who [10] [know their power, believe in democracy], and are aware that [11] [the rest of the world is watching].

Graham blamed the media for unfair coverage of his government saying they don't put the Conservative opposition under the same scrutiny as his governing Liberals. New Brunswick media has reported that the Liberal plans to sell NB Power contributed to a drop in their popularity in one of the polls.

Despite the public relations failure, H&K continues to work for the NB government.


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